Panorama Route
Pilgrim's Rest to Blyderiver Canyon

1. Blyde (Motlatse) River Canyon Nature Reserve

Blyde Canyon

The Blyde (Motlatse) River Canyon Reserve which forms part of the Drakensberg escarpment is the third deepest canyon in the world and may be the largest ‘green canyon’ due to its lush subtropical foliage. It has some of the deepest precipitous cliffs of any canyon and is on average around 800m deep.Blyde Dam The Blyde River is dammed at the mouth of the Canyon to create the Blyde Dam at Swadini. All five of South Africa’s primates can be spotted whilst crocodile, hippopotamus, waterbirds and ottors live in and around the rivers and wetlands of Swadini Dam. Dassies and klipspringer find food and shelter in the rocky areas while the grassland supports grey rhebuck , the rare oribi as…

2. Graskop

Hand woven African silk

Graskop is situated in the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. Graskop is ideally located in the heart of the tourism region. It is also right in the centre of the Panorama Route and within short distances from towns such as Sabie and Pilgrim’s Rest. It is a small forestry town, perched on the edge of the Drankensberg escarpment and only a few minutes away from a number of scenic wonders including the world famous Kruger National Park. Besides the magnificent beauty, why talented painters and photographers flock to the area, the small town boasts many outdoor activities including 4 x 4 trails, hiking, horse trails, mountain biking, golf courses and much more. It is also well known for…

3. Pilgrim's Rest

African art & crafts

The Entire Town Of Pilgrim’s Rest Is A Glorious Living Museum! Pilgrim’s Rest is situated in the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. The small village of Pilgrim’s Rest can be found along the magnificent Panorama Route. The entire village has been declared a National Monument and is a settlement lost in time where visitors can walk in the footsteps of the early gold prospectors. It offers an opportunity a fascinating view into a bygone era and the uniqueness of this quaint village is evident in its many historic sites and museums, in fact the town itself is an actual living museum. A dedicated team of historians, architects and curators who monitor all developments and refurbishing…