Tshokwane Picnic Spot

Tshokwane picnic site is one of the Kruger's favourites spots to stretch your legs and relax in the cool shade. It can get very busy over the holiday periods but fortunately it is a spacious area and generally has enough seating to accommodate all the tired and hungry visitors.

In the centre of the picnic area is a large tree with a suspended thatch lapa and a small bar. A small shop sells snacks and other bare necessities. Their kitchen prepares the most delicious food whilst outdoors one can order traditional meals such as pap and wors which is prepared on an open fire.

Tables and benches are plentiful and most have good shade. There are also restrooms and kitchenettes. Gas bottles and pans can be hired at a nominal rate for the diy enthusiast.

Tshokwane is an excellent birding spot where the birds are very tame and will approach to within touching distance. It is never recommended that people feed or touch them. Tree squirrels get equally tame and not embarrassed to walk over to your plate to get a nibble or two.

Birders should look out for bennett's woodpecker, greater blue-eared starling, crested barbet, arrow-marked babbler and lesser masked-weaver. The greater blue-eared starlings sometimes nest in the holes found in the leadwood tree stumps used as pillars for the central thatch lapa. Listen out for the eerie call of the grey-headed bush-shrike and keep your eyes peeled amongst the tables for the sometimes inconspicuous ground-scraper thrush.

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